Who else could help you to establish and develop personal style in a more effective and practical way than Nikita Chu ? Identifying each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses in oder to support her transform from inside out without losing that person’s characteristics, it’s the ‘magic’ of this wizard.

Rate: $150/hr


From a modest wardrobe held just a few simple garments to an opulent walk-in closet loaded with brandnames… we all face the same potential issue every morning: which set of outfit should we choose for today ? It may take a lot of precious time and the results of our choices might not often be satisfactory. Leave it to Nikita Chu ! your wardrobe will surely have a new breath of life from her artistic touches.

Rate: $1,000/2hrs~


No need to look else where, your search for clothing stops at NikitaPlace. The only on/offline address that carried a wide range of fashion collections and alluring accessories. We go the extra mile to keep NikitaPlace’s always stocked with the most current products. That’s how our refined clients keep coming back for more.

Note: Nikita Chu could get her hands on any hot item of French/Italian designer houses from anywhere in the world at your request.


Style maintenance: This long term service package has only one important purpose: to bring a sensational change in style for clients within a specific timeframe. Nikita Chu pledges to take care of client’s needs at all time: question on new hairstyle ? not sure where to get that crocodile bag ? how to match your old shirt to a new skirt ?… Nikita’s ‘magic’ is just a text message away !

Rate: $12,000/ year.